The antimicrobials you need depends on where you need it 

This test gives qualitative results of the potency of antimicrobial powders


Antimicrobial Protection in

Paint and Coatings 

Enhanced paint has been proven to mitigate 99% of common microbes responsible for costly hospital-acquired infections worldwide.

Molded Fiberglass Enhanced 

with MIC-Guard

Antimicrobial fiberglass reduces the count of bacteria in dynamic fluid conditions

BTG Products loves to test and then retest all of our samples to confirm their effectiveness. Currently, we have 20 samples sitting in the Tuticorin Bay being tested for biofouling development. We cannot wait to share what we find! 


Check back soon for results! 

Technical Information

Antimicrobial HDPE 

for the Complete Corrosion


MIC-Guard in HDPE for Antifouling Applications

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Analysing the Numbers

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Material Safety 

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