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Stop mold in its tracks and make sure it isn't coming back to your bathroom. 5 simple steps to keep your bathroom mold free!

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This is the story of how an Airbnb went from friendly to hostile and needed a solution quickly in order to recover. 

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The Moldiest Situation

In this project, we walk you through a moldy bathroom remodel step by step from the cleanup process to the final Paint-Guard protected coat of paint.


Getting rid of bad things using other bad things doesn't sound like the best idea to us. Learn how to improve your home by ditching the chemicals for more natural cleaning solutions.


The story of how our founder went from laboratory scientist to product developer and inventor with a purpose. 

Guarding My Home

Guarding My Home

5 Ways to Clean Before Winter 

Don't get snow-locked in your dirty home. Here are 5 different ways you can do some fall cleaning 

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