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Leading the fight against harmful microorganisms



BTG products are made using non-toxic, naturally occurring materials. Our solutions are effective and

safe without creating dangerous superbugs.

Lasting Protection

Our products are designed to be applied at the beginning of a project to resist mold, mildew, and bacteria for years to come. 

Easy To Use

BTG products can be simply mixed into the desired paint, coating, or grout in order to provide a protected surface. 


Paint - Guard was designed with the homeowner in mind. This easy to use additive can be mixed into any water-based paint protecting the paint against mold and mildew. 


Home-Guard is our newest product coming straight out of the lab. Home-Guard is a natural and simple household cleaner. Use it on glass, stone, porcelain, and more to keep your home feeling fresh without the fear of having a dangerous and toxic cleaner in your home. 



MIC-Guard is made through fire making it able to fight against harmful microorganisms in even the most extreme environments. MIC-Guard is best used in conjunction with a coating or lining in order to protect assets against attacks from corrosion producing bacteria. 


Grout-Guard (coming soon) is an innovative solution that can be mixed into your grout before application. This protects your home against mold growth in the damp and hard to clean areas. 

Loose Tiles
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