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Microbial Influenced Corrosion or MIC is a huge problem in many industries from oil and gas pipelines to aircraft frames. MIC-Guard is a combustion synthesized ceramic-metallic powder that has been shown to produce up to six logs of surface-borne bacterial neutralization when mixed as an additive in coatings. The product has been proven effective against spore and

non-spore forming bacteria as well as gram negative and gram positive strains. MIC-Guard retains antimicrobial properties when exposed to temperatures up to 1500K. Independent laboratory testing has consistently shown MIC-Guard to quickly neutralize harmful bacteria and mold. Enhanced coatings have been proven to not only inhibit growth on the coated surface but to actively neutralize bacterial presence in solutions exposed to MIC-Guard enhanced coatings. 

MIC-Guard is an easy to use, long-lasting solution to microbial problems. It comes in a powder form and is easily mixed into most coatings and linings at weight percentages between 1% and 5%.Once homogeneously mixed and applied to a surface, MIC-Guard provides lasting antimicrobial protection to the surface. MIC-Guard has also been shown

to provide resistance to standard chemical corrosion in harsh environments. 


MIC-Guard purchases come with a variety of services including mixture testing to ensure a homogeneous mixture of your coating and MIC-Guard as well as standard microbial testing with the final mixture. 


Quotes for MIC-Guard can be made using the contact information at the bottom of the page. 

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