High-Density Poly-Ethylene (HDPE) is a highly useful polymer that is known for its large strength to density ratio.


HDPE is commonly rotomolded or roto-lined to form a hard surface useful in strakes, internally roto-lined steel pipes, HDPE pipes, containers, etc.


HDPE products are most commonly formed from HDPE powder using heat and a rotational molder to allow melting and flow of the powder.



MIC-Guard products are easily homogeneously mixed into HDPE powder before the molding or lining process. Using standard mixing equipment, MIC-Guard can be mixed into the HDPE powder at concentrations from 0.2% to 17%. MIC-Guard treated HDPE can be utilized to fight biofouling, MIC, and other microbial growth in many different industries.


The antimicrobials you need depends on where you need it 

This test gives qualitative results of the potency of antimicrobial powders within HDPE

MIC-Guard Enhanced HDPE

Against Staph. Aureus

Antimicrobial test method to evaluate substrate-bound antimicrobials

Case Study: Offshore Rigs

protected with antimicrobial HDPE

MIC-Guard antimicrobial bound within HDPE to prevent biofilm on rigs