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Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) or fiberglass is an extremely useful and commonly used composite material that provides, in many applications, high corrosion resistance as well as strength.


Because fibers can be laid in multiple directions when producing FRP, fiberglass is known to be strong in tension, compression, and shear.  Pultrusion is used to product fiberglass products ranging from FRP gratings,

Installation of fiberglass_ worker manua


FRP is a two-part composite composed of glass fibers and a plastic resin. The resin is commonly in liquid form before being mixed with the glass fiber and cured. While in liquid form, an antimicrobial powder can easily be mixed into the resin at ratios equal to or less than 15%. Tests have shown that at or below this quantity the resin is not affected during pouring or curing. Once cured, there is also no difference in physical properties between untreated FRP and treated FRP.



Molded Fiberglass Enhanced 

with MIC-Guard

Antimicrobial fiberglass reduces the count of bacteria in dynamic fluid conditions

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