Which product is right for me?

Paint-Guard is most effective in household water-based paints. MIC-Guard provides active protection against mold, mildew, and many strains of bacteria in extreme conditions such as pipelines and aerospace coatings.

How long does Paint-Guard last?

Paint-Guard will normally last the life of a paint up to 10 years depending upon what kind of mold and mildew exposure is present.

When will Grout-Guard be released?

Grout-Guard is planned to be released for sale on Amazon in August 2018.

How does Paint-Guard compare to other solutions?

Where other solutions are one time, Paint-Guard provides a lasting protection that is constantly fighting mold and mildew growth. Paint-Guard is also eco-friendly and safe being made from natural materials.

How much should I use?

Refer to the instructions on your Paint-Guard bottle. One bottle treats 1 gallon of paint. Therefore 5 bottles would treat 5 gallons of paint.

Will it change my paint color?

No! Paint-Guard, used according to the instructed amount, will not change the tint of your paint.

What all does it protect against?

Paint-Guard is effective against a variety of mold and mildew strains.

Where can I purchase Paint-Guard?

Paint-Guard is sold for $$$ on Amazon and will be in stores soon.

Where can I purchase MIC-Guard?

MIC-Guard can be purchased directly through BTG. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the page.