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I'm sorry for what I said when my home wasn't cleaned with Home-Guard. Cleaning away old dust, germs, and mold is important for every healthy household.

5 Ways to Clean Before Winter

The number of warm days left in this country are limited! Winter is quickly approaching and you need to be sure you’re ready to be shacked up in your home for the next three months. Your family of chickens or just you as a single chicken have probably done a number on your living space so here are some ideas for a few days of deep cleaning.​

1. Wash your walls and repaint

When I was a janitor (glamorous) we had to go to every classroom and wipe the walls from top to bottom with soapy water and then repaint. Why? When you actually get eye level with your walls you can see dust clinging to the surface especially if you have a ceiling fan. And dust is just the stuff you can see! Pollen? Clinging! Odor-causing bacteria? Stage 4, high school boyfriend clinger! If you want to guarantee some healthy walls wipe those bad boys down and repaint with a good fall color and mix in some Paint-Guard. Paint-Guard helps with odor causing bacteria AND mold and mildew. Better safe than sorry and sneezy!

2. Rent a Rug Doctor

Have you noticed some hesitancy to lay down on your carpet or take your socks off? It’s probably because your carpet is a different color than when you moved in! For $30 you can rent a deep cleaning machine to get that dirt and ketchup stain out of your life. Do every fabric surface in your house if you would like!  If you want a long lasting scent spray Home-Guard over your carpet before rug doctoring. Find the closest Rug Doctor to you here.

Keep your babies safe by cleaning regularly with Home-Guard and painting your walls with Paint-Guard. Keep dust and bacteria out of your home today.
Bathtubs are nasty but cleaning doesn't have to be. Using Home-Guard while you're in the shower and save time and tears.

3. Scrub yo bathtubs

Who is queen of just pulling that shower curtain closed rather than addressing the cleanliness issue going on?! Me! The idea of getting on my hands and knees to scrub a ceramic surface free of my leftover body gunk while simultaneously filling my lungs with toxic lemon scented cleaner is just super unappealing to me okay?! So, here is what I did. Hopped into the shower and first thing sprayed Home-Guard on all the shelves and floor. Home-Guard is made with natural ingredients and smells like Christmas so it doesn't feel like you're bathing with cancer.

 I take a cheap scrubby and start wiping my shelves and walls. Next, I dropped the scrubby on the floor and used my feet to push it around and scrubbed without having to bend over. Lastly, I washed the scrubby out and then scrubbied my own body (with a loofah.. not the cleaning scrubby). Your tub is clean and no germs were given their allotted 5 second rule to get on you. You’ve defied all laws with this little hack!

4. Clean out your fridge

What a good time to make some room for all that new food you’re going to make! Pull everything out of your fridge and toss those three year old pickles. Use Home-Guard again and spray down all the shelves and bins. Again, Home-Guard is made with natural ingredients so it's perfect for cleaning any surfaces that come into contact with people or food.

5. Closet Clean-up

Let’s get some more room in these closets! Summer is over and I know you have at least 3 tanks and 5 tee’s and 7 sandles you haven’t touched since 2014. Donate them to Goodwill or if you buy boujee clothes sell them to a resale store. Make some money to buy hooks and baskets that will organize your closet. Clean out that clutter like a mother!

Organize your closet and home. Clean your home with Home-Guard
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