Biofouling is the buildup of microorganisms, plants, algae, and animals on a wet surface.


Many times biofouling is the natural results of exposed surfaces in an ocean or water environment over time.


Without a prohibiting surface, many of these microorganisms, algae, and animals will grow and thrive bringing about unwanted consequences.

Biofouling costs the world’s transport industry over 150 billion US dollars per year 

Biofouling is reported to cause up to a 60% drag and consequently 40% more fuel use on boats unless preventative measures are taken. 


Biofouling not only causes detrimental effects on moving ocean structures but also on stationary ones. Fouling on strakes, pipes, sea gates, and other structures can prevent the proper functioning of the structure and cost millions in replacement parts, corrosion, and cleaning.

Static Immersion Testing

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A2 0.jpg
Control 0.jpg
Control 30.jpg




Day 0

Day 30

Tuticorin Bay, India

A2 60.jpg
Control 60.jpg

Day 60


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