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Bacterium are biologicals cells that in themselves are neither good nor bad. However, as they begin to replicate into bacteria colonies, they can cause severe damage to both living and non-living entities.


We all know that some bacteria can be beneficial and others detrimental to the human body. But few people know the effects bacteria can having on non-living structures and components.


Get Cultured About Bacteria 

In many cases such as food packaging plants, kitchens, and   clean surface is desired in order to prevent the spread of any harmful


Many bacteria feed off of the organics and inorganics that we choose to use in building structures and devices. Because of this process called MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) can occur. Other bacteria feed off of hydrocarbons such as crude oil and survive in the water.

Sealant Enhanced with MIC-Guard Against B. Megaterium 

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