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4 Ways to Reduce Chemicals in Your Home

Our homes are filled with products that make our lives better. But some of our favorite products have a sinister nature.

Here are four practical ways to reduce the number of harmful chemicals in your home.



Keep ants away from your home by squeezing lemon juice and spraying vinegar on surfaces. The smell erases the path ants follow, making it harder for them to come back.


Add a few drops of peppermint and clove essential oils to a sprayer for hard to reach spots. The warm scent from clove oil repels not only ants, but mosquitoes and flies, too.



Instead of mothballs, try using cedar balls and lavender flower. Red cedar contains volatile oils that effectively kills young larvae, while lavender repels grown moths.


Traditional mothballs dissolve into toxic vapor - that’s the part you smell - and it’s potentially carcinogenic to humans. They’re even more dangerous if eaten, even by your pet. The natural alternative will also keep your home and clothes smelling better!



Avoid oven cleaners as they contain sodium hydroxide. It’s dangerous to work with, as even small amounts on the skin can cause burning. Inhalation can irritate the can cause a sore throat for days.


While it may take more work, simply using baking soda will break down the grease and grime. To make things easier, mix with water to create a workable paste. Spread inside your oven and let sit for two hours. Spray with vinegar, then wipe down.



Traditional cleaners can have ammonium, synthetic fragrances, chlorine, and chemicals-you-can’t-pronounce. Use a safe cleaner for everyday surfaces.


With natural oils from clove and cedarwood, Home-Guard cleans and keeps clean. It also has natural citric acid, which attacks grease and grime without making you do the hard work. We’re proud of its warm, spicy smell, but even more so of it being a safe alternative to harsh cleaners.

Written by: Nikolay Essani

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